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Here are some gaming variants I like to play with. These are either changes I've devised or that I contributed to. The first group of variants are ones I've successfully tested. The second group are variants I've come up with, but haven't had the opportunity to try yet. If you try out one of the variants from this latter group, let me know how your game turned out and I'll include your experiences on this page.

Playtested Variants

Liberte - Here's a variant on the card selection mechanic for this popular Martin Wallace game that was jointly devised by Stuart Dagger and myself.

Monopoly Card Game - This is an extensive reworking of the rules of this Winning Moves rummy-like game that uses elements from Monopoly. This is a revision of an article that originally appeared in the March, 2001 edition of The Games Journal.

Reibach & Co./ Get the Goods - Here are some proposed changes that make this excellent Alan Moon set-collecting game even better.

San Marco - This is a variant for the three-player game, to ensure that the various Divider and Chooser roles are equally distributed among the players. It requires no tables or other player aids other than an ordinary coin.

Street Soccer - This variant slightly reduces the luck factor of this very good Corne van Moorsel design.

Time's Up! - Here's a way of making this great party game fairer and a little more friendly.

Untested Variants

Lord of the Rings - This variant adds a competitive aspect to this great cooperative game. This first appeared in the March, 2001 issue of Counter magazine.

Six-Player Puerto Rico - Feel like playing the gaming sensation of 2002, but six players show up? Here's a couple of proposed rules for handling a half dozen PR freaks. Two copies of the game are needed.

Vinci - The intent of this variant is to remove the luck from the initial selection of civilizations. It first appeared in the March, 2001 issue of Counter.

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