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Here are some reviews of games I've written over the years. Most have been published, although a few were written for my own amusement (which should give you a good idea of the kind of wild and crazy guy I am!).


Published Reviews

Cartel - My first published review was of this great financial game of the early seventies. Also discussed were some of the other Gamut of Games designs, as well as Cartel's unfortunate successor, Priceless. This appeared in the Eulogy section of Issue #20 of The Game Report, in the spring of 1999.

Schotten-Totten - This review of the excellent, but at the time little known, Knizia card game appeared in Issue #5 of Counter, in May of 1999.

San Marco - This wonderful Moon/Weissblum territorial game, winner of the 2001 Gamer's Choice Award for best multi-player game, was reviewed in Issue #13 of Counter, in June of 2001.

Combit - A cerebral, but fast, two-player card game. This review appeared in Issue #17 of Counter, in June of 2002.



"The Other Side of the Pond" Reviews

For over two years I wrote a regular column for Counter magazine called The Other Side of the Pond. The purpose of the articles was to discuss some of the great American designs of years gone by. Being an opinionated old cuss, I also included some thoughts on game design in general, along with gaming history, sociology, politics, and what I hope passed for humor. Each article took one game as its topic. Here they are, in the order in which they appeared.

Borderlands - Risk without the luck, this great game of conquest by the designers of Cosmic Encounter anticipated many of the innovations of Settlers of Catan. (Issue #7, December, 1999)

Discretion - Obscure, but very good real estate game from the late seventies. (Issue #8, March, 2000)

Broker - Innovative stock market game from the early sixties. (Issue #9, June, 2000)

Careers - Easily the best of the classic Parker Brothers games. (Issue #10, September, 2000)

Population - Socially relevant game from the early seventies about controlling a planet's burgeoning population explosion. (Issue #11, December, 2000)

No Dice - Fast two-player abstract with unusual movement rules--and no dice. (Issue #12, March, 2001)

Fast Food Franchise - The best property game ever designed, as players strive to build the biggest junk food chains in the U.S. (Issue #13, June, 2001)

Trump - A wheeler-dealer trading game with fabulous components. (Issue #14, September, 2001)

Win, Place & Show - Classic 3M horse racing game from the mid-sixties. (Issue #15, December, 2001)



Unpublished Reviews

Get the Goods - Excellent mid-length Moon set collection card game, derived from his earlier "Freight Train". Also known as "Reibach & Co."

Katzenjammer Blues - Underrated Knizia bidding card game in which the items you bid with are the same as the ones you're trying to acquire.

Burn Rate - Interesting self-published beer & pretzels card game based on the wacky world of the dot-coms.

Monkeys on the Moon - Nicely done American design by the publisher of Who Stole Ed's Pants.



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