Corné van Moorsel  (10)     Cwali
Year Game Collaborator Notes
1998 Dutch Mountains   aka Stapel
1999 Isi   GCA nominee
  Ocean   aka Visjes
2000 Morisi   Multiplayer redesign of Isi; GCA nominee
2001 Beest Jeroen Doumen, Joris Wiersinga, Herman Haverkort  
2002 StreetSoccer    
Craig Van Ness / Rob Daviau  (10)
Year Game Collaborator Notes
1999 Clash of the Lightsabers Van Ness  
  Stratego:  Legends Van Ness  
2000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Van Ness, Daviau, Bill Sabram  
  Star Wars:  The Queen's Gambit Van Ness, Daviau, Alan Roach GCA nominee
2001 Axis and Allies:  Pacific Larry Harris, Daviau, Steve Baker  
  Risk 2210 A.D. Van Ness, Daviau  
2002 Game of Life:  A Jedi's Path Daviau  
  Roller Coaster Tycoon Van Ness  
  Star Wars:  Epic Duels Van Ness, Daviau  
  Star Wars:  Jedi Unleashed Van Ness  
Martin Wallace  (19)     Warfrog
Year Game Collaborator Notes
1993 Lords of Creation    
1995 Sixteen Thirty Something    
1997 Ferrocarriles Pampas    
  Und Tschüß!    
1998 Age of Arguments    
  Lancashire Railways    
  Veld Spoorweg    
1999 Mordred    
  Prairie Railroads    
2000 Empires of the Ancient World    
  New England Railways   Same game system as Lancashire Railways (different map)
  Way Out West    
  Der Weiße Lotus    
2001 Liberté   GCA nominee
  Pampas Railroads   GCA nominee
  Volldampf   Modified redesign of Lancashire Railways; GCA nominee
2002 Age of Steam   Modified redesign of Lancashire Railways
Aaron Weissblum  (15)
Year Game Collaborator Notes
1999 Cloud Nine    
  Knights of the Rainbow Alan Moon  
2000 Time Pirates Alan Moon  
2001 Das Amulett Alan Moon SdJ finalist; 10th in DSP
  Capitol Alan Moon SdJ nominee; 5th in DSP; GCA nominee
  San Marco Alan Moon SdJ nominee; 7th in DSP; GCA winner
2002 Canal Grande Alan Moon Modified redesign of San Marco
  Im Schatten des Sonnenkönigs Alan Moon aka Fürst der Finsternis; Redesign of Knights of the Rainbow
  Lumberjack Alan Moon  
2003 Eiszeit Alan Moon  
  Europa Tour Alan Moon  
  King Lui Alan Moon  
  New England Alan Moon  
  Stop It Alan Moon  
Tom Wham  (10)
Year Game Collaborator Notes
1977 Snit Smashing    
1978 Snit's Revenge    
1980 Awful Green Things from Outer Space    
1982 Planet Busters Jim Ward  
1986 Kings & Things Doug Kaufman Expanded version of Wham's earlier "King of the Tabletop", published in Dragon magazine in 1983
1989 The Great Khan Game Richard Hamblen  
1990 Mertwig's Maze    
1995 Sim City Card Game Darwin Bromley, Louis Rexing  
1996 Iron Dragon Darwin Bromley  
Hartmut Witt  (13)     Wittspiel
Year Game Collaborator Notes
1992 Koalition   4th in a.l.c.
1993 Teufel, Teufel! Andreas Steiner  
1995 Die Druiden Andreas Steiner  
  Kampf um Rom - Germanica   Shares components with Gerhard Kuhlmann's "Kampf um Rom - Huns, Romans, and Germans"
  Osiris Andreas Steiner  
1996 Dream Team   Redesign of White Wind's "Phantoms of the Ice" (which is also known as "Slapshot" and "Power Play")
1997 Mutternland    
  Ritter Ohne Furcht und Tadel    
1998 Löwendynastie    
1999 Sumera    
2000 Gerüchte Küche    
2001 Schaumermal    
Reinhold Wittig  (26)     Edition Perlhuhn
Year Game Collaborator Notes
1974 Wabanti    
1980 Das Spiel   SdJ Beautiful Game award
1981 Ombagi   SdJ nominee
1982 Baubylon   SdJ nominee
1983 Riombo   SdJ nominee
  Wir Füttern die Kleinen Nilpferde   SdJ Beautiful Game award
1984 Drachenlachen    
1985 Auf Fotosafari in Ombagassa    
  Müller & Sohn   SdJ Beautiful Game award
1986 Arbora Rolf Asche  
1987 Maritim   aka Auf Kurs; SdJ nominee
  White Lady    
1989 Dino   SdJ nominee
  Hans Dampf    
  Moby Dicks Freund    
1990 Doctor Faust   SdJ Beautiful Game award (1994)
  Schnelle Schnecke    
1991 Hotu Matua    
  Kula Kula   SdJ Beautiful Game award (1993)
  Sansibar   aka Molukki
1993 Aura Poku    
  Dow Jones    
1995 Diamanten-Fieber    
  Mary Pennylane    
1996 Walkabout    
1998 Look in!    
  Wind City    
1999 Die Erbtante    
  Hilly Billy    
  Hui Spinne    
2001 Rauchzeichen