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Read about why gaming themes may not be as important as you think in When Good Games Have Bad Themes.
This article first appeared in the October, 2000 issue of The Games Journal web site.

Here's a series of articles about three game designers I've labeled the Special K's of German Game Design: Wolfgang Kramer, Klaus Teuber, and Reiner Knizia.





These articles first appeared in The Games Journal web site from June to September of 2001.

This article appeared in the December, 2001 edition of Counter magazine, discussing whether chaos and luck in gaming is the same thing. It was a response to a very short comment from German gaming pioneer Mike Siggins. Here's Chaos Reigns?

In June of 2002, I wrote Strategy & Tactics for The Games Journal, which discusses the difference between these two fundamental aspects of gaming, and breaks down how much of each (in my opinion) is in the big box Alea games.

Here's an Introduction to German Gaming that I wrote for my wife's jewelry newsletter. It discusses what differentiates Designer Games from standard American fare, briefly summarizes about a dozen games that can serve as good crossover games, and gives some links for online gaming information and shopping.

In December of 2000, I presented our gaming group's version of The Bum Game, a Tichu-like game first outlined by David Parlett. Here is an updated version of this article.

In My Most Underrated Games, I describe a baker's dozen of games that don't seem to get the acclaim they deserve. This list first appeared in the Letters section of the September, 2002 edition of Counter magazine.

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