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The Man Behind the Curtain

Well, I suppose you’re wondering who’s responsible for all this foolishness. Since you asked, my name is Larry Levy. I’m in my mid-forties and live in Northern Virginia, near Washington DC (about 45 minutes as the crow flies and two hours as the traffic crawls). I share my humble abode with my wonderful wife, two dogs, assorted fish, and one part-time cat. I am a mathematician by training, an engineer by profession, and a totally smitten gamer in my soul.

I’ve been playing games literally for as long as I can remember. As a child, my games collection was the envy of the neighborhood and by the time I had reached my teenage years, we owned well over 200 games. My interests are relatively broad—I’ve dabbled in wargames, shuffled through numerous card games (including a long love affair with Bridge), spent many a late hour playing computer games, and rolled countless dice during role playing sessions. But my first and greatest passion continues to be board games. The American designs of the seventies and eighties kept me amused, but when I discovered the world of German games about five years ago, I knew I had reached Heaven’s Door. I now play these modern board and card games almost exclusively.

In addition to playing games, I do a bit of writing about them as well. I’ve been contributing to Counter magazine since 1999 and for a while wrote a column called “The Other Side of the Pond”, which dealt with older American titles. I’ve also written articles for The Game Report, The Games Journal web site, and several other publications. You can also find some of my articles and reviews at web sites like Boardgame Geek and user groups like Spielfrieks. I guess I just like talking about games!

The other aspect of my gaming life is designing games. I came up with my first complete design in 1985 and successfully playtested about a dozen designs (mostly card games) during the nineties. Mostly this has been for the enjoyment of myself and my friends, although I have published one game (a strategy card game called Head to Head Golf). Most of these games are detailed in the website. These days, I’m trying to get more ambitious by working on more elaborate board game designs. Whether I succeed or fail, I expect it’ll be a fun ride.

I hope you enjoy rummaging through the cyber-version of my gaming attic. I’ll try to keep the content fresh, so stop by often!

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